The Movement Game site is dedicated to the new and exciting gaming category first introduced by the Nintendo Wii system. When first released, no other game console offered the kind of interactive enjoyment that the Wii did.

Over the past few months there have been a couple additions to the motion gaming category. Sony has introduced the Move add-on to their PlayStation 3 console. But not to be outdone, Microsoft has introduced their offering code named Project Natal but released as the Kinect. While both has been welcome additions to the Kinect has been released to rave reviews by both professional gamers and the casual fans. The great thing is that both add on offer backwards compatibility to the older systems. No need to pony up for the new console if you have the old one.

Both Microsoft and Sony have released undated versions of their popular consoles. Both comes in a sleek metalic black finish and offers a variety of consoles. The difference is that the new PS3 offers Blu-Ray and 3D TV viewing. The new Xbox 360 does offer DVD playing capabilities. Advantage here is the PS3.

There is a big difference in how these three systems handles the gaming experience. The Wii and Move gives you interaction using the hand held nunchucks. You control the game using these hand held controllers and some body movement is registered while holding them. The Kinect offers a whole new way to enjoy gaming. The console is controlled by the Kinect Sensor attached to the Xbox 360 console.

The Xbox 360 Kinect’s slogan is “You Are The Controller”. You might be asking what does this mean. As it says, your body movements control your game avatar. I use the phrase “Get Sucked In” because that is what happens. You zig or zag, jump or duck, kick or punch and even bust a move. Your actions are mimicked onto your tv screen. You literally control all the action that happens on the screen. Isn’t that great? I think so.

All three consoles offer a great gaming experience. You will certainly enjoy a great gaming experience no matter which one you choose. Movement Game has a great selection of all these consoles along with all the games and accessories you need. Browse this exciting category and enjoy the new movement gaming experience.